Gather people in the name of Jesus

Experience the power of community through a small group at Willow Hill…

Gather Groups  provide an opportunity for people to meet other people and establish a community within Willow Hill.
Grow Groups  focus on helping people deepen their faith and relationship with Jesus in a space with others who are seeking the same.
Go Groups  offer opportunity for people to live out their faith with others by working to make a positive impact in this world.

The first small group experience of 2022 will run for 6 weeks beginning the week of January 16.  Check out the options below and sign up at church or on the signup page at .

Disciple Bible Study
Leader:  Janelle Provine            Group type:  Grow
Meeting time:  Sunday at 10:00am at church

Take a deep dive into the Bible with this classic Bible study that helps you in becoming a disciple of Jesus.  Many people at Willow Hill have experienced a part of the Disciple Study program and talk about the impact it has made on their faith journeys.  The entire study covers an overview of the Old and New Testaments, but the study is being broken into bite-sized chunks for participants to commit to only 6 weeks at a time.  

Scripture Art
Leader:  Ruth Inman                Group type:  Gather
Meeting time:  Sunday at 2:00pm at North Art Studios, 3601 N North St, Peoria

Each week we will look at a piece of Scripture and bring it to life thru art.  We will focus on the first six days of the Creation story, taking one day per week and resting on the 7th week as God rested on the 7th day.  Ruth looks forward to showing you her take on this playful endeavor and seeing your take as well.  We may even grow as we examine the Scriptures we illustrate.

Reading the Old Testament Through Jewish Eyes
Leader:  Pastor Nicole                Group type:  Grow
Meeting time:  Monday at 4:00pm via Zoom or 7:00pm at church
If you are looking for a new and fresh way to study the Old Testament, this is it!  Chicagoan rabbi, Evan Moffic, will teach us about how the Jewish faith reads and interprets the Torah, the first five books of the Bible.  In better understanding the Jewish heritage of the Old Testament, we, as Christians, can gain a deeper, more profound understanding of our own faith.  We are also hoping to finish this study with a visit to a local synagogue in Peoria!

Moms’ Small Group:  Overwhelmed by My Blessings
Leader:  Erin Thomas                 Group type:  Grow
Meeting time:  Tuesday or Thursday, 8:30pm  

“Motherhood pushes us to our limits—which is perfect because God's power works best in our weakness.”  Come gather with other moms who are trying to do their best to not be overwhelmed in a way that limits but in a way that calls us to tears of joy by what God has given.  We will learn from one another and be strengthened by God’s love and power while engaging with the Overwhelmed by My Blessings devotional Bible study.  The age(s) of your kiddos doesn’t matter, all moms are welcomed.

WOW Group – Wisdom on Wednesdays
Leader:  Kathy Miller                 Group type:  Grow
Meeting time:  Wednesdays at 1:00pm at church  

All women are welcome to join this ongoing group to study various authors and their studies or lessons on faith and the Bible.  New studies are chosen about every 6-8 weeks.  At the conclusion of each study, the group often goes out to lunch together for more of a social gathering.  The January study may focus on the book of Acts.

Book Study – God Can’t: How to Believe in God After Tragedy, Abuse, and Other Evils
Leader:  Gina Hulett                 Group type:  Grow
Meeting time:  Thursday at 4:30 via Zoom

Hurting people ask heart-felt questions about God and suffering.  The usual answers fail many people who simply can’t believe in a God who would cause, or even allow, such “evil” to exist.  The usual answers don't support the truth that God loves everyone all the time.  In God Can't, Thomas Jay Oord offers a believable answer to why a good and powerful God doesn't prevent evil and single-handedly heal everyone and everything.    

Dinner For 8
Leader:  Jeff and Ann Ringness         Group type:  Gather
Meeting time:   Various times and locations - Beginning in the spring

You are invited! Join Dinner for Eight for the coming year! Meet once a month with others to eat out! This is for couples or singles. We’ll put the groups together for you, then you take turns or plan together where and when you will meet again. You’ll have one social event planned each month. This a great way to get to know other church members better! If you have questions please call Jeff and Ann Ringness at 309-383-2402

On-Going Groups:

Book Club
Do you enjoy reading a variety of books and discussing them with other people? This group reads select book each month and then meets for discussion. The group meets the third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM at Willow Hill. All adults are welcome.

Piece Makers
All women who enjoy needlework – crocheting, knitting, sewing, or quilting – are welcome to participate. The group meets on the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 10:00 a.m. to work on a variety of individual and group projects.