Gather people in the name of Jesus

Experience the power of community through a small group at Willow Hill…

Gather Groups  provide an opportunity for people to meet other people and establish a community within Willow Hill.
Grow Groups  focus on helping people deepen their faith and relationship with Jesus in a space with others who are seeking the same.
Go Groups  offer opportunity for people to live out their faith with others by working to make a positive impact in this world.

Some groups may require you to sign up before attending. Click here for additional information.

Sunday Morning Bible Study

Leader:  Janelle Provine and Gail Brown
Group type:  Grow
Meeting time:  Sunday at 10:15am at church

Join other adults (high school students welcome) to study the Bible on Sunday mornings. Specific studies rotate every 5-8 weeks, but all are focused on Biblical truths and will dive into Scripture.

Pastor’s Study: A Study of Colossians

Leader:  Pastor Nicole
Group type:  Grow
Meeting time:  Sunday at 7:00pm at church (Sep 11 - Oct 2)

This study will corelate with Pastor Nicole’s sermon series. We will take what we learned in the sermon and enjoy a more conversational approach as we dig deeper into the book of Colossians. 

Find Your People: Building Deep Community in a Lonely World

Leader:  Gina Hulett and Erin Thomas
Group type:  Grow
Meeting time:  Thursday at 1:00pm at church OR 8:30pm via Zoom (Begins October 13)

In a world that is more connected than ever, we are fighting an epidemic of loneliness. We were meant to live known and loved. Author, Jennie Allen, combines fascinating insights from science and history with timeless Biblical truths and personal experiences to help us build authentic community.

Dessert First – Love Does

Leaders:  Brad and Linda Shapland
Group type: Gather/Grow
Meeting time:  Wednesday at 7:00pm at 1280 N Hickory Hills Road, Germantown Hills (Begins Sep 21)

Meet at the Shapland house for dessert, and then enjoy the lively, large-screen video with speaker and author, Bob Goff.  Goff entertains and inspires us to love our neighbors by DOING love to those around us.  Dive into discussion and let your imagination soar with ways you can DO love in the world.

Scripture Art: Women in the Bible

Leader:  Ruth Inman
Group type:  Gather/Grow
Meeting time:  Sunday at 1:00pm< OR Thursday at 10:00am (Begins Oct 2 or 6) at North Art Studios, 3601 N North St, Peoria

Throughout the history of Christianity, power has been associated with men. However, a few women shifter the paradigm. These women left permanent footprints. Come learn and create art to remind you of their accomplishments. No experience is necessary. A $30 materials fee is required.

Prayer Study

Leader:  Barb Wilmot 
Group type:  Grow
Meeting time: To be determined

Join others to delve into the meaning and purpose of prayer as taught by Jesus.

Pastor’s Study: Canoeing the Mountains: Christian Leadership in Uncharted Territory

Leader:  Pastor Nicole
Group type:  Grow
Meeting time:  Sunday at 7:00pm at church OR Monday at 4:00pm via Zoom (Oct 16 - Nov 20)

We can all agree that a lot has changed in the past couple of years. Perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised, as the one constant in life is change. In this book study, Pastor Nicole will lead us as we read through this book which seeks to help Christians navigate through uncharted territory. Using the story of Lewis and Clark, this book helps us think through how we can be nimble leaders who readjust to the ever-changing circumstances around us.

Working Willows

Leader:  Randy Nash 
Group type:  Go
Meeting time:  Various dates and locations as needed

Do you like to help others in need? We’re looking for people to be part of a group that can be there to help others. This group is open to everyone…men, women and children who like to help others by doing various tasks, including yard work, light repairs, painting and moving items. The intention is to gather a pool of people and notify everyone when there is work to be done. If you can help and it’s something that fits your skills, then you sign up to be part of the crew for that job. If you’re not available or have the needed skills, then you wait for the next opportunity to serve.

On-Going Groups

Piece Makers
Leader:  Sandie Watson                 Group type:  Gather/Go
Meeting time:  1st and 3rd Wednesdays of each month 10:00am at church 

All women who enjoy needlework – crocheting, knitting, sewing, or quilting – are welcome to participate. The group meets to work on a variety of individual and group projects for service, mission, and care.

WOW Group – Wisdom on Wednesdays
Leader:  Kathy Miller                 Group type:  Grow
Meeting time:  Wednesdays at 1:00pm at church 

All women are welcome to join this ongoing group to discuss various authors and their studies or lessons on faith and the Bible.  New studies are chosen about every 6-8 weeks.  At the conclusion of each study, the group often goes out to lunch together for more of a social gathering. 

Book Club
Leader:  Various leaders                 Group type:  Gather
Meeting time:  3rd Thursday of each month 7:00pm at church 

Do you enjoy reading a variety of books and discussing them with other people? This group reads select book each month and then meets for discussion. All adults are welcome.